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Product Information

E-Watercraft AB is a Swedish company which main focus is inhouse development and manufacturing of highly advanced electric watercraft’s for recreational, transportation and event purposes. The team has a background in autonomous system industry and takes this 50+ year of knowledge when designing new products focusing on safety and environmentally friendly systems.  You can ride one or two people on the watercraft which has a top speed up to 55 km/h (30 knots) and an endurance of up to one hour in Eco mode. 



 Eco mode: up to 60 min
Sport mode: ~30 min


Top: 55 km/h [30 knots]
Cruise: 22 km/h


Power: 22kW [30Hp]
Brushless DC Motor


Capacity: 5 kWh
Voltage:  48V

Highlighted Features


Use the built in geo-fencing feature to make sure that you or your children (or customers) always keep within a specific geographical area

Ultra Portable

Our watercrafts are super light weight and can be transported on the roof of your car. Two persons can easily carry the watercraft to the water.

Wireless Connectivity

Our watercrafts have wireless connection so that you can control all operational functions as well as support via our userfriendly mobile app

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Our Team

Our management team consists of our three co-founders Magnus, Paul and Martin. Together they have more than 50 years of experience running innovative technology intense companies.

Magnus Sundstedt

Magnus Sundstedt


Paul Holmstedt

Paul Holmstedt

Head of R&D

Martin Eronn

Martin Eronn

Head of Production

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582 75 Linköping, Sweden


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