Redefining Personal Watercrafts

Experience the thrill of electric watercrafts that are light, eco-friendly, and easy to use.


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Weight (ex removable battery)


Save Fuel

The Eco-Jet can save you 97% on the fuel cost compared to a gas driven Personal Watercraft.

Lower Emission

Enjoy the fun on the water and save the environment at the same time due to minimal CO2 emission.

Safe And Secure

Our watercrafts have built in safety features such as Geofence and Help on Call using mobile connection.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Electric ultralight watercraft have several advantages over traditional watercrafts for recreational use. First, they are more eco-friendly, as they do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, smell or noise pollution. Second, they are more cost-effective, as they do not require fuel, oil, and low maintenance. Third, they are more fun, as they offer a smoother and quieter ride while still enoying relatively high speeds.

Leading the way towards more sustainable watercrafts for recreational use 

Our watercrafts are the future of water sports, as they provide a more sustainable and enjoyable way to explore the water. They also make lakes and sea more accessible, as they can easily be carried into the water. They are the ultimate watercrafts for recreational use, as they combine innovation, efficiency, and excitement.


Fuel Consumption




Service Costs


Our first electric personal watercraft is called Eco-Jet and can reach speeds of up to 55 km/h (or 30 knots) and still weigh less than 40 kg excluding the 25 kg removable battery. Using multiple batteries you can easily swap battery pack to enjoy a full day of fun on the water.

Don't wait, preorder your Eco-Jet today!

We are taking preorders today with deliveries earliest Q1, 2025.

Why should you buy it? Here’s why:



Our electric watercraft is designed with advanced materials, making it incredibly lightweight. This means you can easily lift the watercraft into the water without need for a ramp.


Electric Power

Say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to clean, green, electric power. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also quiet, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature while you ride.


Removable Battery

With our removable battery system, you can charge up at home or swap out for a fully charged battery on the go. No more waiting around for your watercraft to charge – just swap and go!


Effortless Fun

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our electric watercraft offers a fun and exciting experience for all skill levels.

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