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Investor FAQ

Are you looking for investors?

Yes, we are looking for investors or angels to boost up our production capabilities.

When did your company start and by whom?

The company E-Watercraft AB was started by Magnus Sundstedt, Martin Eronn and Paul Holmstedt as a joint stock company in January, 2021. All three owners has a long history as entrepreneurs.

Do your owners have experience running startups?

Yes, all three owners has 20+ year history running high-tech startups.

What type of products do you sell?

We sell ultralight electric watercrafts which are aimed for recreational. rental companies and event companies.

Do you only sell your products to companies?

No, we sell our products to both individuals and companies. However our main focus during the initial years will be B2B sales. We specifically will be targeting PWC rental companies.

When are you planning to have positive EBITDA?

Year 2026 we are estimating a positive EBITDA

What is your projected Net Revenue in 5 years?

Year 2029 we are estimating a Net Revenue of ~40+ Million Euro

What is your projected return of investment after 5 years?

We estimate that the return of investment would be ~x25 invested capital in the the first pre-series investment round.

Are your products innovative?

Yes, the Eco-Jet has won the price of “Innovation of the year 2024” at Sweden’s largest maritime exhibition, see mark below.

Our CEO’s vision

“At E-Waterctaft, we envision a world where water enthusiasts can glide across lakes, rivers, and coastal waters with exhilarating freedom, all while preserving the environment. Our mission? To redefine personal watercraft by harnessing the power of electricity.”

Magnus Sundstedt

CEO, E-Watercraft

Company Milstones

Our planned milstones until year 2029

About Our Founders

Our three co-founders are Magnus Sundestedt, Paul Holmstedt and Martin Eronn. Together they have more than 50 years of experience running innovative technology intense companies.

Magnus Sundstedt

Magnus Sundstedt


Magnus has a Master of Science in Engineering in Technical Physics and Electrical Engineering, as well as an entrepreneur with roots from Skåne. He has been running his own businesses since graduating from Linköping University.

Paul Holmstedt

Paul Holmstedt

Head of R&D

 Paul has a Bachelor Degree in Electric Engineering with specialization in  Automation from Kalmar University. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and has focusing on drones and flight test of fighter aircrafts.

Martin Eronn

Martin Eronn

Head of Production

Martin is a practically oriented mechanical engineer with roots in Dalarna. He has 20 years of experience working on the development of both large and small vehicles, including at major companies like SAAB and Airbus.

Recognition of innovation!

Eco-Jet has won the price of “Innovation of the year 2024” at Sweden’s largest maritime exhibition, see mark below

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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