Ultralight electric watercraft that redefines personal watercrafts.


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Don't wait, preorder your Eco-Jet today!

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We are taking preorders today with deliveries earliest Q1, 2025.


Our first electric personal watercraft is called Eco-Jet and can reach speeds of up to 55 km/h (or 30 knots) and still only weigh less than 40 kg excluding the 25 kg detachable battery. Using multiple batteries you can easily swap battery pack to enjoy a full day of fun on the water. Eco-Jet has won the price of “Innovation of the year 2024” at Sweden’s largest maritime exhibition, see mark below.

Product Features

Eco-Jet is designed and built with a focus on weight, portability and ease of use. It has a built-in control computer that handles all the time critical tasks. The control computer has both WiFi and LTE/4G connections so that it can communicate locally with a mobile, tablet or PC. The LTE/4G is used for communication with cloud services and use remote access to the Eco-Jet. This allows parents to monitor their teenagers as well as request help using the Eco-Jet Help on Call button.


Use the built in geo-fencing feature to make sure that you or your children (or customers) always stay within a specific geographical area

Ultra Portable

Our watercrafts are super light weight and can be transported on the roof of your car. Two persons can easily carry the watercraft to the water.

Wireless Connectivity

Our watercrafts have wireless connection so that you can control all operational functions as well as support via our userfriendly mobile app

Detailed Eco-Jet Specs

Weight 40 kg + 25 kg removable battery

Length 2.5m

Width 1.4m

Max Speed 25-30 knots

Endurance up to 60 min

Motor Power 22 hp or 30 hp

Battery Capacity +5KWh

Battery Voltage 48V

Charge Time 2-3 Hours


Our electric watercrafts can be used for recreation, transportation or events. The light weight structure makes it really easy to transport the watercraft on the top of your car. The battery is removable and can be stored inside your car. Two people can easily lift the unit into the water without the need of a boat ramp.

Our watercrafts have built in Wi-Fi and LTE/4G connection. We have developed an easy to use iPhone, Android and Windows App so that you can connect to your watercraft and see the Instrumentation Page, perform health check, monitor sensors and make configuration changes. We also developed a special firmware upgrade App which uses OTA (Over The Air) updates of the software onboard the watercraft so that you watercraft always have the latest features. For business users we offer the Fleet Management App so that you can keep track of all your watercrafts and makes sure they are all within the geofence area as well as receive alerts from users that need help. 

Our watercrafts have built in safety features to make sure you operate in a safe way. We support geo-fencing so that you can limit the geografical area at which the watercraft can be operated at full capacity. Anytime you go outside the allowed area the performance is limited and you can only ride at low speed. In case the engine, speed controller or battery pack gets overheated the watercraft shuts down so that it can be cooled down before operation can continue.

During the first twelve (12) month period after purchase free software updates are included. After the initial twelve month period you can sign up for a maintenance and service membership to make sure your watercraft is always fully operational and ready for fun. This membership includes:


  • Free software updates
  • Yearly remote diagnostics
  • Statistics regarding maintenance

Why should you buy it? Here’s why:



Our electric watercraft is designed with advanced materials, making it incredibly lightweight. This means you can easily lift the watercraft into the water without need for a ramp.


Electric Power

Say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to clean, green, electric power. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also quiet, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature while you ride.


Removable Battery

With our removable battery system, you can charge up at home or swap out for a fully charged battery on the go. No more waiting around for your watercraft to charge – just swap and go!


Effortless Fun

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our electric watercraft offers a fun and exciting experience for all skill levels.

Don't wait, preorder your Eco-Jet today!

You get 10% discount

We are taking preorders today with deliveries earliest Q1, 2025.


First Eco-Jet will be available for delivery earliest Q1, 2025. All pricing subject to change.

Mobile App

E-Watercraft has developed multiple mobile apps that can be connected to the Eco-Jet, both via WiFi as well as via LTE/4G. The main app that is supplied for free with the Eco-Jet and contains Instrumentation Panel as well as help and support functions to monitor the status of the vehicle and even run a health check to make sure all subsystems work properly. Below is a couple of snapshots from the E-Watercraft App.

E-Watercraft App

Fleet Management App

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